Giuseppe Mingione 氏

  • 講演者 : Giuseppe Mingione氏  (Universita` di Parma)
  • 題目 : Recent regularity results for non-uniformly elliptic problems
  • 日時 : 2019年6月7日(金)16:30 〜 17:30
  • 場所 : 数学科セミナー室(4号館3階)


Non-uniformly elliptic problems are a very classical topic. The minimal surface equation belong to such a class, for instance. In recent years there has been renewed interest in such problems, with many new models coming for instance from the Calculus of Variations. I will focus on some recent developments including various types of non-uniformly elliptic operators, with special emphasis on those relating with non-autonomous functionals and those related to functionals with very fast growth conditions.


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